The Best Apps to Install When Traveling

The Best Apps to Install When Traveling

In today’s world, there are so many options for mobile applications that can help you to plan and manage your trip with the greatest of ease. Some of them may even be on your phone right now. Whether you’re traveling within the U.S. or abroad, there’s an app for everything from directions to itineraries.


This app is fantastic for flights. You can access any airport by using their search bar and you can gain direct access to your itinerary. Find out if there’s a delay, layover or gate change all through your mobile device. You can even plan ahead and reserve a rental car of your choice.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a wonderful tool for directions and transit. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, it will certainly help you get from here to there. If you’re nervous about taking a new train or transit system, simply enter in the address of your destination and select the transit toggle at the top. It will give you the directions you need regardless of the transportation source. Even if you choose to walk, it will show you the way.

Google Translate

When you’re traveling in a foreign country, English isn’t always the first language. Of course, no one expects you to learn Spanish overnight. That’s why Google Translate is so useful for traveling overseas. You can translate up to 103 different languages by typing in phrases or by using an image of the text you need to translate. You can study up too. Use the phrasebook to improve your conversations.


Exchange rates and credit cards can make traveling a financial nightmare. Mint is one of the best apps for planning your finances. You can plan a budget for your entire trip. They even have a budgeting tool that’s specifically designed for travel. Through this tool, you can type in the number of days you plan to be away and how many people will be traveling. You can use estimates for your plane tickets, hotels and rental car to find out how much your total trip will cost.

Mint also advises that you should stay away from ATMs to avoid additional fees and look into whether or not your credit card charges foreign transactions fees. If they do, apply for one that doesn’t.


If you’re a foodie, there’s always a new interesting drink or dish that you’re dying to try, but finding it can be a challenge. Use this app to search for the type of drink or food that you’re looking for. You can try grilled English muffins in Maine or a scone with double clotted cream in Belgium. It’s perfect for the traveling foodie.

Technology certainly does what it’s intended to do – make your life easier. Use these apps for ease of travel and ease of mind while you’re away from home. Remember to pack some snacks as well. No trip would be complete without some of Second Nature’s trail mix by your side.

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