• Pure Michigan Getaways

    August 24, 2017  |   Second Nature

    Some of the best vacations are the unexpected ones: the last-minute, impromptu, hit-the-road-without-a-plan kind of trips. Our native Michigan is home to some amazing adventures for when just such a mood strikes—and they all shine come summertime. Famous for its fantastic breweries, Grand Rapids is an ideal place to imbibe, whether that means a hoppy … Continue reading Pure Michigan Getaways

  • Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

    August 18, 2017  |   Second Nature

    We love potatoes of all shapes, sizes, and forms. Why not turn our favorite side into a sweet but healthy treat? Hasselback spuds are brilliant–you have several pockets for your seasonings to reach, it’s not just about the outside anymore. The possibilities are endless!   For these sweet potatoes you will need: 2 Medium sweet … Continue reading Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

  • The Ultimate Tip List for Traveling Light

    August 13, 2017  |   Second Nature

    The ability to travel light has so many benefits. You can run to catch your connecting flight or train without the struggle of lugging your baggage. You’re also never guessing whether you left anything behind, because everything should be in your hands or strapped to your back. With some expert planning and smart decision making, … Continue reading The Ultimate Tip List for Traveling Light

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