• The Most Underrated Places to Visit this Year

    July 17, 2017  |   Second Nature

    To truly experience an adventure, sometimes you need to veer off the beaten path. From the fjords of Norway to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, there’s a lot more to see in this world outside of its main tourist attractions. By visiting some of these underrated places, you’ll most likely trade in noisy tourist … Continue reading The Most Underrated Places to Visit this Year

  • Second Nature Breakfast Muffins

    July 14, 2017  |   Second Nature

    Who wouldn’t want the smell of fresh muffins baking on a Sunday morning? We go bananas over this recipe! The combination of almonds, pistachios and dried fruit on top make it the ultimate save-for-last muffin top.   You will need: 3 Large overripe bananas 1 Egg ⅓ C Melted butter 1 ½ C All-purpose flour … Continue reading Second Nature Breakfast Muffins

  • Relax-cation

    July 8, 2017  |   Second Nature

    Confession time: Between the airports, the suitcase-schlepping and the packed itineraries, vacations can be a little … exhausting. Here are a few simple ways to put the rest back in your R ‘n’ R. Meditate. Even if you have a regular meditation practice, it’s easy to get out of sync on the road. Try an … Continue reading Relax-cation

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