Build a Better Road Trip

Build a Better Road Trip

The great American road trip: It’s as iconic as apple pie (and can be just as delicious). Wherever you’re headed, these ideas can make your journey even more memorable.

Take the nearest exit. Highways are efficient, but man are they boring. Take the literal roads less traveled by swapping mega interstates for scenic routes. Not feeling the extended cut? To still make good time, research any attractions or vistas along the way that might be worth a brief re-route. Roadside America has some quirky suggestions.

Set it to music. In these days of genius playlists and Apple Radio, crafting a playlist sounds downright retro—and it’s just as fun as you remember it being. Pick your current faves (this summer, we’re loving Car Seat Headrest, Sampha and Little Dragon) or theme a list to your trip.

Eat local. Get out of the drive-through! You’ll be putting better food in your body and supporting small businesses by eating in town and out of the big chains. Scan Yelp for popular local eats en route, take recommendations from friends before you set off, or download apps like Roadfood.

Pack fun snacks. In between meals, munch on healthy and delicious bites that you oh-so-smartly stocked up on. Second Nature medleys make great traveling companions (and don’t even call shotgun). Add easy eats like grapes and granola bars, and you can definitely feel guilt-free about the double scoop at that roadside custard stand.

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