Getting Ready for Your Kid’s First Vacation

Getting Ready for Your Kid’s First Vacation

You’ve decided to take the plunge and take your first vacation as a family. You’re finally ready and you know exactly where you want to go. Now, it’s up to you to get your kid interested too.

Has your child read about different places in the world? Maybe they’ve heard about the beautiful ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or they’re interested in Greek mythology. These are great opportunities to teach and show your kids that what exists in books can also exist in real life. Take them on a journey and show them where their interests come to life.

No matter where you choose to go, read enough about it beforehand and share your knowledge with your child. Have them read about the place that they’re visiting. The more they learn, the more interested they’ll be. Here are just a few book suggestions for your little beginner:

Add your favorite travel books to a special travel bag that’s just for them. Pack it full of things they love to do. Add in a few of their favorite snacks too. A Dark Chocolate Medley sounds delicious.

Have them help you pack the bag. This will let them to make choices about the trip and it’ll relieve some anxiety for them as well. If they’re asking a lot of questions or seem overly anxious about traveling, try showing them photos of the place where you’re staying or the people you’re staying with. Some things don’t need to be a surprise, and they just might appreciate knowing the details of the trip.

Sometimes, children need to hear the itinerary. It will take extra effort to thoroughly explain the trip, but it can make them feel more comfortable in the long run. Tell them the highlights in a way they can understand: “First we’re going to get into a taxi. Then, we’re going to the airport. That’s where we’re getting on a plane.” Traveling can be a big step for a child, especially if they’re feeling anxious. It’s important that they understand what’s happening.
Traveling can be stressful for both children and adults, but it’s your job to keep things upbeat. Keep reminding them that you’re going to a special place to make a fun memory. Remind them of the things they’ve never seen and inspire them to explore. Each time you travel, it’s a new adventure. Naturally, you’ll want to share it with the people who adore you most.

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