Keeping Your Kids Occupied on a Long Car Ride

Keeping Your Kids Occupied on a Long Car Ride

Keeping your kids busy can be a challenge every day. It can be even more taxing when they’re stuck in the car. By keeping their eyes, hands and minds occupied, you’ll have a more relaxing road trip that everyone in the family will enjoy.

I Spy

No road trip would be complete without playing a little “I Spy.” It makes everyone aware of the colors and shapes around them, whether they’re inside or outside of the car. You can even make the game a little more interesting by limiting how many times they can guess the answer.

Car Counting

Pick a color or a type of car and give your kids something to write on. They can tally up how many blue cars they can spot and whoever gets to 10 first, wins! It’ll keep their eyes, minds and hands occupied. It’s surprising how something so simple can keep them entertained.

20 Questions

Choose a theme to keep them focused and have them play this classic game. Tell them that they can ask 20 questions about their favorite food or animal. You can see if you can draw the answer from memory or you can simply look up the answer on your mobile device. Have them write down their questions before you begin to keep their hands busy for just a little while.

Hand Puppets

Depending on how old your children are, they might enjoy a little puppet show. Stop off at the toy store and pick out a few new puppets to play with. You can put on a show for them from the passenger seat, or they can use them to entertain themselves.

Handheld Games and Electronics

This one is a more obvious answer, but they don’t have to play with tablets the entire ride. Stop off at the toy store and pick up the classic handheld Etch-a-Sketch or travel Boggle. Your kids will now have so many options to choose from. Sometimes, you can even find tiny, electronic keychains that have some of their favorite games. They’ll appreciate the extra effort.

Pen, Paper and Books

Kids love to draw, color and read. Have them try to enhance their skills over your family vacation. See if they can stay inside the lines and give them a little reward whenever they do. You can also read to them or have them take turns reading to each other.

Make Stops

On your trip, you’ll inevitably have to make bathroom stops. However, you can plan out some of your stops ahead of time and make it a scenic adventure. You can also plan to give them special snacks along the way. It makes a nice surprise. Pack some of Second Nature’s Wholesome Medley for a sweet and salty treat. Share your plan with your kids to get them excited about the road ahead. They’re sure to be more patient to get to their final destination.

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