Our Top 5 Outdoor Mediterranean Adventures

Our Top 5 Outdoor Mediterranean Adventures

Whether you like to hike or cycle, traveling in the Mediterranean outdoors is an unforgettable experience. From the peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the shores of Spain, there’s a lot to see in these Mediterranean destinations. So lace up your hiking boots, pack your favorite Second Nature snacks and start traveling to these amazing places.

Hike in the Atlas Mountains

Morocco is a popular destination for a variety of reasons. Its trails, mountains and summits make it a hiker’s paradise. The Atlas Mountains stretch across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. They separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline from the Sahara Desert, creating a scenic and challenging adventure for any dedicated hiker. You can climb mountains, ride camels or hike along shady valleys for your trip, it all just depends on how much you’d like to challenge yourself. There’s no level of fitness that this adventure can’t accommodate.

Walk in Greece

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Greece. Walking on Santorini island and hiking along the volcanic caldera are just a couple of our favorites. The hiking path from Fira to Oia via Firostefani and Imerovigli allows you to see the 35,000 year-old volcano, the Aegean Sea and four popular villages on the island. The hike only takes three to four hours and gives all the sights you want to see while you’re getting a healthy walk in. Just take along your favorite Second Nature snack, relax and take in the scenery.

Kayak in Croatia

See the south of this Mediterranean country and explore the 13 islands of Elaphiti Archipelago. Visitors often don’t see this part of the country, but it’s a perfect spot for those who love water sports. Take a break from the busy city streets, paddle through the islands and eat some of their unique island-specific dishes. Each island has something different to offer. Visit Lopud island for its sandy beaches, restaurants, cafes and bars. For great swimming and private coves, stop at Sipan island.

Swim in Spain

Spain has some of the best options for water sports. If you like swimming, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding or banana boating, Spain has something fantastic to offer in every category. And if you’re looking for an outdoor travel plan that is all encompassing, Costa Brava has it all. It has over 30 diving centers, sailing schools and three natural parks.

Ride a Camel in Israel

For a unique outdoor adventure, take a camel through the Negev Desert. Many ranches offer camel rides in the area at varying lengths of time. You can choose to take a camel for full days or even just half hours. Try the Negev Camel Ranch and see the largest herd of camels in Israel. While Israel has a lot of nature to see, tourists often say that their camel ride was the favorite part of their trip.

From Croatia to Israel, there’s a lot of beauty to take in when you take a Mediterranean adventure. While you’re on your trip, don’t forget to pack some snacks for the journey ahead. No hike would be complete without Second Nature California Medley. Perhaps the mix will inspire you to take more peaceful journeys in the Mediterranean and around the world.

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