Confession time: Between the airports, the suitcase-schlepping and the packed itineraries, vacations can be a little … exhausting. Here are a few simple ways to put the rest back in your R ‘n’ R.

Meditate. Even if you have a regular meditation practice, it’s easy to get out of sync on the road. Try an app like Headspace, which offers reminders as well as gentle guided meditations. (Airline lose your luggage? Try the “S.O.S.” section.) A few minutes in a quiet spot—even if that spot is your hotel bathroom—will do wonders for your peace of mind.

Get in your exercise. Find a local yoga class to feel the flow; studios can usually accommodate drop-in students and rent mats, so you only need to pack your clothes and find your om place. (The Mind Body app finds classes near you.) If running is your game, map a scenic route and explore your destination while you clear your head; Map My Run helps you navigate new cities.

People watch. If you’re visiting a bustling city or a packed tourist destination like an amusement park, just getting around can rack up some low-grade stress. Call a pause: Grab a cold brew or a matcha, then sit and sip while you watch the world go by. Notice we didn’t say screen watch—no smartphones!

Stay in. For some reason, there’s something extra tempting about staying home when “home” is a hotel or vacation rental. Don’t feel like you need to pack your schedule every evening: Declaring a movie or game night mid-trip will refresh everyone for the rest of the adventure. A Roku streaming stick keeps your faves handy and fits in your pocket.

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