Tips for Taking Kids on Nature Walks

Tips for Taking Kids on Nature Walks

Being a part of nature is one of the most magical parts about being alive. I remember taking long walks with my Grandma and discovering new plants and animals along her wooded property. Our walks were so special, because she would point out all the tiny treasures that lived in the forest. There, we made memories that would last a lifetime. Now it’s your turn to make some with your children, just don’t forget to bring a few important items with you on your journey.

Be Prepared

Remember these essential items for your nature walk:

  • Good walking shoes – Whatever you decide to wear, it should be as comfortable as possible.
  • Extra layers and a raincoat – If it gets chilly or rainy, you’ll be happy that you packed the extra pieces.
  • Hats and sunscreen – If you don’t bring them, you might regret it the day after.
  • Pants – Even if it’s hot out, you’ll need them to protect yourself and your kids from brushing up against poison ivy and poison oak.
  • First aid kit – Make sure it has plenty of bandages. Don’t let a little scrape or cut ruin your fun.
  • Bug spray – Especially if the mosquitos are out, you’ll want to protect your kids from bites.

Bring Snacks and Water

Whenever my Grandma and I would go for our walks, we’d pack enough for a picnic. We’d find a nice little spot at our halfway point to sit and enjoy the food we made. You don’t have to pack a full picnic if you don’t plan on being out that long, but you should at least bring a few snacks. Bring Second Nature’s Simplicity Medley on your walk to stave off the hunger. With almonds, dried cranberries and cashews, it’s packed with enough protein to keep you fueled for the walk ahead.

Remember to bring enough water too. Depending on how many people you’re bringing and how long you plan on being out, the amount of water can be difficult to gauge. For myself, I usually bring 1.5 liters of water if I’m walking for an hour. If you’re unsure how much water you should bring, use this hydration calculator to find the appropriate amount.

Make it Fun

One of my favorite things about walking with my Grandma is that she knew all the names of the different types of flowers and butterflies. Of course, you don’t have to memorize all the plants and animals of the forest to make good memories, but you can bring along a nature book to make it fun. Teach your kids about the different types of trees or point out interesting insects that you spot along the way.

Your kids might also enjoy making their own nature books. Have them write in a journal about their findings in the forest. They can draw the things they’ve discovered, or even press leaves and flowers between the pages. Nature journals allow them to be creative and express themselves in new and different ways.
Whatever you decide to bring, make it a memorable experience for your kids. In the long run, they’ll appreciate the effort you made. For them, getting outside with their parents is a special treat. From preparations to projects, make the walk a fun one.

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