The Most Underrated Places to Visit this Year

The Most Underrated Places to Visit this Year

To truly experience an adventure, sometimes you need to veer off the beaten path. From the fjords of Norway to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, there’s a lot more to see in this world outside of its main tourist attractions. By visiting some of these underrated places, you’ll most likely trade in noisy tourist crowds for peace and relaxation.

Bergen, Norway

Few places look more peaceful than Bergen with bright blue skies and snowy mountains. Travel to mount Floyen to get a beautiful view of the city, or start exploring the Norwegian fjords. You can even take a full tour of the fjords by kayak, bike, Bergen Railway and white water raft. On this trip, you’ll get to see everything from tiny wooden houses to spectacular views of wharfs and islands.

Glasgow, Scotland

Hidden gardens, spooky theaters and trendy antique shopping are what this city’s all about. One of the most interesting things about Glasgow is the way the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre brings inanimate objects to life. By using old pieces of scrap, bones and carved figurines, they create mechanical puppet shows that will move you to either tears or laughter. Visitors claim that seeing one of these shows is an unforgettable experience. See the show, visit the shops on the West End or take a hidden gardens tai chi class for the full Glasgow experience.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei truly has it all, with charm, culture, history and quirkiness. It oozes with old, restored homes and museums. However, most people come to Taipei for the food. It’s fast, cheap and unique. Try some hot soy milk and donuts for a sweet breakfast, or a Taiwanese pepper bun for a savory lunch. Visit the street vendors and get your fingers greasy to get a little taste of the city.

Adelaide, Australia

The Adelaide Botanic Garden and the Barossa Valley Wineries make Adelaide one of Australia’s hidden gems. In the garden, you can walk underneath a canopy of trees and bask in the beauty of the landscape. While you’re there, be sure to take a look at some of the architecture as well. The Palm House is particularly striking with its hanging glass walls and exotic plants.

In the Barossa, there are 150 wineries, so finding a good place to start is important. Plan your stay with the wine region map and try Rockford Wines to enjoy traditional wine tasting in a cozy atmosphere.

Bologna, Italy

Italy has so many different exciting cities to see. Unfortunately, Bologna is often overlooked as a travel destination. However, it has all the charm and beauty that any tourist could ever need. Visit the Abbazia di Santo Stefano and get a sense of Italian history and architecture. You can also learn more about the city by visiting the Museo Della Storia. It’s an interactive museum that uses displays and 3D film to bring Bologna’s past to life.

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